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Tournament Team Information
Tournament Teams Information   Player Selection will be...
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Field of Memories
“Field Of Memories” Remembering those who were so...
Tournament Team Information
by posted 06/05/2014
Tournament Teams Information
Player Selection will be based on eligibility (age, geography), availability and ability.  It is presumed that teams will be comprised of the maximum number of players, 14, with a reserve roster of 3-5 players (based on the same rankings discussed below).
  • Age – Birth certificate required
  • A participant born on or between the dates of May 1, 2004, and April 30, 2005, is league age 9.
  • A participant born on or between the dates of May 1, 2003, and April 30, 2004, is league age 10.
  • A participant born on or between the dates of May 1, 2002, and April 30, 2003, is league age 11.
  • A participant born on or between the dates of May 1, 2001, and April 30, 2002, is league age 12.
  • A participant born on or between the dates of May 1, 2000, and April 30, 2001, is league age 13 (ineligible for tournament play on the 12 and under team).
  • Geography – Residence within League charter border (3 forms required).  You MUST live within the Brighton Little League borders.  Those going to school in Brighton, but living in another district are eligible for Tournament Play. Please see the map posted on the website.  Please note this is for the Williamsport Tournament only, for other local tournament teams, there is no residency requirement.  The only requirement for those teams is participation in Brighton Little League during the spring season.
  • Home League – Payers must participate in 60% of league games to be eligible for tournament teams.
Availability – Parents will be asked to a supply vacation schedule, the national tournaments are at a minimum two weeks, and therefore a child should be available for practices and games during that period.  If the possibility exists that a child will miss more than 10% of the scheduled practices and games, the child should not be primary member of team.  Parents should inform the coaches if there are any other activities; such as soccer or travel soccer, that may pose scheduling difficulties for the player. 
Ability – The players will be ranked according to ability to provide the best possible team.  The league coaches will rank the players based on several criteria, the rankings will be accumulated and top eligible players will comprise the team.
Evaluations – Evaluations are scheduled for Sunday June 8 beginning with the Under 12 team 9 am at Buckland.  The Under 11 team will then begin at 10 am, with the Under 10 team at 11 AM.  Tryouts for the various age groups will be staggered, by day or time of day, so that players who do not make the highest age group but qualify for the next age group will be given an opportunity to make that team (i.e. an 11 year old who misses the U12 team will still have an opportunity to tryout for the U11 team).  The individual player’s parent and coach should decide at what level their child should try out for, but there is no harm in trying out for the highest level first and then the next level second.

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Baseball and Softball Academy
by posted 05/09/2014


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Field of Memories
by posted 03/03/2013
“Field Of Memories”

Remembering those who were so important to Brighton Little League
Brighton Little League is an organization that creates great opportunities for the kids in our community.  Brighton Little League has always been led by great volunteers, sponsors, and benefactors.

The Field Of Memories site allows parents, coaches and former players to remember those who have passed, and were so important to youth baseball and softball in Brighton.
The leaders of Brighton Baseball encourage everyone to take a moment and read about some of the individuals who led by example and were so supportive of the kids in our community.


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